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The ultimate Zagreb guide, find out interesting facts, where to go, what to do, see, where to eat, which are the best day-trips and more

Zagreb in numbers



ZAGREB - The capital city of Croatia and home to million hearts.

First mentioned back in the 11th century it grew slowly to its current size today.

Formed from 2 medieval settlements Kaptol (11th ct,) and Gradec (13th ct.).

Today, the city spans over an area of 641 square kilometers (247 square miles).

Zagreb is a city with many identities, full of colors, close to nature, with a historic core, and also with newer functional, closer to the river, parts of the city.

A mix of Central European and Mediterranean culture, 30+ museums, more than 4500 cafes & restaurants, a lot of greenery are just some of the things that make it a place You'll fall in love with.

A perfect metropolitan city is full of opportunities.




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