Terms & Conditions

Introductory note

These terms and conditions apply to reservations of and purchase of travel packages
(hereinafter referred to as the terms and conditions) are an integral part of the contract or
vouchers agreed between LIMITLESS BALKAN and the traveler/travel package provider
(hereinafter referred to as the client) applying for a travel arrangement.

Applications and contracting

The Client can apply for packages organized by LIMITLESS BALKAN by web, by telephone,
email or other means of distance communication and at other authorized agents. By signing
a contract, voucher or application form, or by dictating your credit card number when
purchasing services through distance communication means, the Client fully accepts these
Terms and Conditions which they have carefully studied.
When signing up and for the purpose of booking the selected service, the Client will pay 30%
of the cost of the package (per person) unless otherwise specified in the program. The
difference to the full price of the arrangement is payable no later than 21 (twenty-one) days
before the start of the trip unless otherwise specified in the program (the exception being
payment by installments).

Price and contents of the arrangement

The content of the arrangement consists of, or rather the price of the package includes, what
is stated in the travel program.
Special services are services that are not included in the price of the package and therefore
the traveler pays especially for them. These services should be requested at the point of
booking and are an add-on cost to the price of the package. Optional and special services
requested by the Client during the travel period are payable to the tour escort or travel agent
representative in the currency of the country where the service is provided.

The prices of the packages are published in kuna and calculated according to the prices of
services in the reference currency at the sales exchange rate of the tour organizer's bank on a
specific day. The organizer reserves the right to change the published prices in case of
changes in accommodation prices, food, transport, and other services, or in case of changes
in the value of the currency that are the basis for the calculation of the price of the
arrangement. To increase the price of the arrangement up to 10%, no customer consent is
required (the increase is calculated in all parts of the payment). In case of an increase of
more than 10%, the Client is entitled to terminate the contract without obligation to
compensate the damage.

Discounts for children and other benefits

Please pay attention to discounts for children as well as other benefits that are specifically
shown in the description of the arrangement.

Travel documentation

All travel documents will be delivered to the Client no later than 5 days before departure
unless specified otherwise in the program. Travel documentation includes:
1.For own transport arrangements: original voucher and eventual written notice;
2.For bus transportation arrangements: original voucher and travel program;
3.For an air transport arrangement: original voucher, travel program, and airline ticket.
Categorization and service descriptions.

The offered accommodation capacities in LIMITLESS BALKAN programs are described
according to the official categorization of the country in question at the time of the issuance
of the program.

Food, comfort and other services offered by hotel/apartment are under the supervision of
local tourist authorities, and the standards of accommodation and services are different and
not comparable.

LIMITLESS BALKAN assumes no liability for oral or written information that is inconsistent
with the description of the services and facilities in the published programs obtained by a
third party.

Accommodation in rooms and apartments

Room allocation is determined by the accommodation reception staff. If the Client does not
explicitly negotiate a particular room/apartment, they will accept any officially registered
accommodation unit for each object listed in the catalog and the price list.
Accommodation in the room is most often not possible before 14:00 h the day of the
beginning of the use of the service, and checkout usually takes place at 10:00 h on the day of
service completion.
Arrivals after 20:00 h must be announced in advance unless otherwise indicated.
Pets are allowed in individual cases with a mandatory supplement.

Travel cancellation

LIMITLESS BALKAN will charge the following amounts to the Client should they cancel the
travel arrangements:

  • up to 30 days before departure 10% of the price of the package and at least 100 kn,

  • 29 - 22 days before departure 25% of the price of the package,

  • 21 - 15 days before departure 40% of the price of the package,

  • 14 - 8 days before departure 80% of the price of the package,

  • 7 - 0 days before departure 100% of the price of the package,

  • after departure 100% of the price of the arrangement.

The mentioned cancellation costs also apply to changes in the date of departure or
accommodation, i.e the type of room/apartment as well as all other relevant changes. A
possible different cancellation scale from the above can be found in the program and the
catalog to which this scale relates.

If the Client cancels the arrangement finds a new user of the same reservation and meets all
the anticipated conditions, LIMITLESS BALKAN charges only the costs caused by the change
in the client.

Cancellation of all arrangements shall not be subject to the cost of obtaining visas and/or
travel documents.

In the event of the Client canceling or shortening the trip due to weather conditions,
LIMITLESS BALKAN will apply the above-mentioned scale, and will not accept subsequent

Cancellation insurance

If the Client at the time of booking the arrangement forsees the possibility of having to
cancel the arrangement due to unforeseen circumstances, and in order to avoid the
associated costs of cancellation as listed in these terms and conditions, then the Client may
purchase cancellation insurance.

If, during or after the booking of a tour, a Client anticipates they may have to cancel the tour due to unexpected obstacles or any reason, in order to avoid the costs of the tour cancellation stated in the part of these Terms and Conditions titled “Cancellation Policy”, they can pay the insurance from the risk of cancellation with the preferred insurance company directly.

Agency strongly advises all its clients to purchase comprehensive insurance policies from the preferred insurance company in case of expiration, cancellation, or interruption of travel.

Unexpected circumstances are considered to arise if there are any of the following

1.Serious illness or death: of the insured, the spouse of the insured, child of the
insured, parent or brother or sister of the insured person or his / her spouse or
adopted child;

2.An elemental disaster declared as such by the competent authorities;

3.Military Service.

In the case of cancellation of the arrangement, the amount of the premium paid for the
cancellation insurance shall not be refunded. Also, the insurance premium does not cover the
cost of visas.


The Agency cannot accept liability and will not be able to refund in case of force majeure – means any cause directly attributable to acts, events, non-happenings, omissions, accidents or Acts of God beyond the reasonable control of the Agency or the Client including, but not limited to; terrorist actions, sanitary disorders, natural disaster, disease outbreak, lock-outs or other labor disputes, civil commotion, riots, blockade, invasion, war, fire, explosion, sabotage, storm, collision, grounding, fog, new governmental act or regulation, major mechanical or electrical breakdown beyond the staff’s control and not caused by Agency negligence, traffic accidents, sudden and unusual traffic jams, the intervention of competent authorities, sudden changes of public transport timetables, delays of airlines and other means of transportation, unfavorable weather conditions and the like.

If the Client does not have cancellation insurance and must cancel the trip due to the
above-mentioned unforeseen obstacles, LIMITLESS BALKAN reserves the right to charge

the Client according to the rules stated in the part of these Instructions and the terms
entitled "Travel Cancellation".

Other insurance terms are listed within the insurance policy.

Accident and sickness insurance, risk insurance and loss of life insurance and
voluntary health insurance of persons during time and residence abroad

Travel costs do not include accident insurance and travel illness, damages and loss of luggage
as well as voluntary health insurance.
By signing a travel package contract, which is an integral part of these Terms and Conditions,
it is considered that Client is offered and recommended the additional insurance mentioned
in the previous paragraph.
In the event that a Client requests this insurance, they can be arranged directly at one of the
insurers or at LIMITLESS BALKAN, where LIMITLESS BALKAN operates only as an

We recommend carefully studying the insurance terms before contracting the insurance

Cancellation by LIMITLESS BALKAN or change of program

If the sufficient number of passengers has not booked the program, LIMITLESS BALKAN
reserves the right to cancel the travel no later than 5 days prior to the tour start date. The
minimum number of passengers required for a specific travel shall be specially marked on
each program/package. LIMITLESS BALKAN also reserves the right to a full or partial
change of the tour program in case of extraordinary circumstances that could not have been
anticipated or avoided before the tour start date.
LIMITLESS BALKAN reserves the right to change the date or the time of the departure due
to a change in the flight schedule or the onset of unanticipated circumstances, as well as the
right to change the itinerary if there should be a change in travel conditions such as changed
flight schedule, safety conditions in a country, (unfavorable) weather conditions  and do so
without compensating the Client, and according to the current regulations in the
international traffic law. If the program is canceled by LIMITLESS BALKAN, the Client shall
be entitled to a full refund of the amount paid, but not compensation of damages.

Travel Documents

Clients must have valid personal travel documents. Invalid documents leading to the
cancellation of the travel shall not result in any harmful consequences for LIMITLESS
BALKAN, and, if LIMITLESS BALKAN should suffer additional damages due to such an
omission by a Client, the Client must compensate the damages suffered. If a travel document
should be lost or stolen during travel, the costs of issuing new documents shall be borne by
the Client. LIMITLESS BALKAN's guide shall assist the Client in such a situation, taking care
of the usual course of the program. If a certain travel program requires a visa, LIMITLESS
BALKAN may assist in obtaining such a visa at a special additional fee. LIMITLESS BALKAN
shall not be held responsible for decisions by customs or police or other state authorities
banning passenger's entry into a particular country.


 Foreign Exchange and Customs Regulations

The client must comply with all foreign exchange and customs regulations, laws and other
by-laws of the Republic of Croatia and other countries through which they travel and where
they stay.
If the tour cannot be continued because a Client has violated the regulations, all incurred
costs shall be borne solely by the person violating the regulations.

Health Regulations

Travel to some countries is conditioned by mandatory vaccination against specific diseases.
When traveling to such countries, the Client must hold certificates and documents of


In the case of bus transport, a Client may have 2 pieces of personal baggage. Clients must
take care of their belongings brought on the bus and are obliged to bring them along
whenever leaving the bus. Otherwise, Clients shall be responsible for theft, loss or damage of
objects left unattended in the bus.


Complaints are submitted in a written form.
We emphasize that it is in the interest of the Traveler to make sure that every complaint is
enclosed in writing and the service provider will endeavor to provide the agreed service, i.e.
correct the mistakes.
If no improvement is made even after the complaint, the Customer should ask for a
certificate from which it is evident that the service was not provided, i.e. that it was not
provided in the stipulated way. The Customer must enclose the certificate to their written
complaint. The Customer is to make a written complaint no later than 7 days after the travel
has ended. If the Customer should make a written complaint after the expiry of that term,
LIMITLESS BALKAN is not obliged to take such a complaint into consideration. For
resolving the complaints regarding services abroad, one must comply with the rule of
reporting the complaint with the issue of a certificate on the spot and the deadline for
submitting the complaint.
The organizer must make a written decision regarding the complaint within 14 days of
receiving the complaint, and it may postpone the term for making the decision about the
complaint by another 14 days on account information gathering.
The organizer shall resolve only those complaints which could not have been eliminated at
the Client's destination. While the resolution of the complaint is in process, but no longer
than 14, i.e. 28 days after lodging the complaint, the Client waives the right to mediation of
any other person, the arbitration by UHPA or another institution, and undertakes not to
provide media with the information. In this time period, the Client also waives the right to
sue. The maximum amount of compensation per complaint may reach the amount of the
advertised part of services, but it may not include the services already used, or the entire
package amount. The Client and LIMITLESS BALKAN shall attempt to resolve disputesamicably, and, on the contrary, they stipulate the competence of the court in Zagreb. The

competent law shall be the Croatian law.

Client's obligations

The Client undertakes to personally meet the conditions anticipated by the regulations of the
Republic of Croatia and the country through which or to which they travel, and to observe
the house rules in the hotel and other facilities, to cooperate with the representative of the
organizer and with service providers.
The Client is personally responsible for any damages caused, particularly for the damages
that are the result of failure to observe the contract and these General Terms and Conditions.
The Customer shall cover the incurred damages immediately at the hotel reception desk and
at another place stipulated by the physical or legal entity who suffered the damages.
Warranty in case of insolvency or bankruptcy of the tour organizer
Pursuant to the Tourism Act, in case of insolvency or bankruptcy of LIMITLESS BALKAN,
Clients affected by it while traveling, as well as persons who made down payments for a
travel should contact the provider stated on the travel certificate or on another
corresponding document as soon as possible.
I​nsurance company: Uniqa insurance d.d. Zagreb ; Policy number: 45 - 6001394148
Jurisdiction of the court

In the event of a complaint, the buyer of the service from the program in question has the

right to a complaint with the program organizer. If the customer is dissatisfied with the
decision of the organizer, he has the right to a court arbitration of the competent court in

Personal data protection policy

LIMITLESS BALKAN is obliged to provide personal data protection by collecting only the
necessary, basic client information that is necessary for the fulfillment of our obligations;
inform clients of how they use the data they collect, regularly provide client  the choice of
how their data is used, including the ability to decide whether or not to remove their name
from the lists used for marketing campaigns. All customer information is kept securely and
only accessible to employees who are required to do so as part of their work tasks. All
LIMITLESS BALKAN employees and business partners are responsible for compliance with
the privacy policy.
Clients of LIMITLESS BALKAN provide personal data voluntarily. Personal data of clients is
needed in the process of realizing the required service and will be used for further mutual
communication. LIMITLESS BALKAN undertakes not to disclose the personal data of the
beneficiary from the country or to give it to a third party except the partners participating in
the realization of the contracted service or if it is a legal obligation (e.g hotel, transport
provider, border police).

The user's personal information will be kept in a database in accordance with the Data
Storage Policy. An objection to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes will
not affect the contracting and/or realization of the requested service.

Final provisions

These Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the agreement that the Client enters into
with LIMITLESS BALKAN, or with an authorized travel agent to which he has applied for the
trip organized by LIMITLESS BALKAN. Possible/foreseeable deviations from these Terms
and Conditions must be indicated along with the travel program text if they are tour
operators - foreign travel organizers. By signing the contract, the Client fully accepts the
program and these Terms and Conditions. Issuing of these Terms and Conditions shall cease
to be valid for all prior editions.


Payment of the deposit constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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