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Explore the authentic charm of the Croatia and Beyond with Limitless Balkan,

your bespoke travel companion.


At Limitless Balkan DMC, we believe every journey has a story waiting to be told.

Born from a deep love for our homeland, our team of local enthusiasts brings the heart of Croatia and its neighbouring countries to life through our bespoke private tours.


From Croatia to Slovenia, Montenegro, and Bosnia-Herzegovina,

we specialize in tailor-made experiences that reveal not only popular sights but also hidden treasures and local secrets.


Join us on guided tours and multi-day adventures that transcend the ordinary, blending tradition with modern luxury for an unforgettable journey.


Discover the real Balkans with us, where each trip is a unique exploration of culture, beauty, and heritage.

To start crafting your tale in Croatia & beyond with us or for more information,

please contact us.


About Us: Inner_about


Aleksandar V.

Travel designer & Guide


Aleksandar, the driving force behind Limitless Balkan DMC. From an early age, Aleksandar's love for travel and adventure led him to craft unforgettable journeys for his friends. With a deep appreciation for nature and the great outdoors, he also indulges in reading, listening to podcasts, and embracing the latest in tech and automobiles. As the founder of Limitless Balkan, Aleksandar combines his roles as a travel designer, private guide, and driver guide with expertise in Croatia and the Balkans. His journey from a passionate tour guide to an innovative travel designer culminated in the creation of his own company, dedicated to offering unparalleled experiences in Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Join Aleksandar and embark on a journey where every trip is an extension of his passion and a reflection of the limitless beauty of the Balkans.

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Aleksandar Vucin - Croatia Travel Specialist


Private Guide

Luka, our Zagreb specialist and private guide. Born and raised in the captivating city of Zagreb, Luka's passion for history has led him to become an esteemed historian and tour guide. As a former professional water polo player with a zest for learning new languages, traveling, and reading, Luka combines his diverse interests to create engaging and insightful tours. Fluent in English and German, he brings a unique energy to our Zagreb walking tours and private day excursions. When he's not sharing his love for Zagreb and Croatia with visitors, Luka enjoys hiking, spending quality time with his wife Dora, and gathering with friends. Join Luka on a journey through Zagreb, and let him ignite your love for this city and its rich heritage.

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Luka Kolar


Private Driver

Meet Kruno, a cornerstone of our team, who brings over a decade of expertise as a private driver to our transfers and multi-day tour packages across Croatia and the Balkans. Kruno's passion for skiing mirrors his drive for adventure, while his role as a devoted family man and father to two sons grounds him in the values of care and reliability. With Kruno at the wheel, you're not just embarking on a journey through breathtaking landscapes; you're gaining insights from a seasoned professional who's as dedicated to your travel experience as he is to his own family. Choose Kruno for a journey defined by safety, comfort, and the warmth of personal touch.

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Neven - Private Driver-Guide Croatia and The Balkans



Neven, your ideal private guide and driver-guide. Equipped to take on any challenge, Neven excels in showcasing the splendors of Zagreb, Croatia, Slovenia, and beyond, from vibrant cities to majestic National Parks. Fluent in English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Polish, his extensive travel experience across over 30 countries, including India, the United States, and Thailand, enriches every tour with deep insights and a global perspective. Passionate about nature, reading, and continuous learningNeven promises a journey filled with discovery, learning, and unforgettable experiences.

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Private Guide

Pavo, a true Dubrovnik native and your expert guide through the enchanting streets of Dubrovnik's Old Town. With deep-rooted passion and extensive knowledge about the history of his hometown, Pavo offers an authentic local perspective on Dubrovnik's storied past. His academic journey extended from Zagreb to Ljubljana, Slovenia, enriching his expertise. A lover of water polo, history, and travel, Pavo's recent adventures have taken him to far-flung destinations like Colombia and Bali, Indonesia. For an insider's look at Dubrovnik, from its historic walls to its vibrant culture, Pavo is your unparalleled guide.


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Pavo Čučka - Private Guide for Dubrovnik


Private Guide

Ivana, our globetrotting guide with a Ph.D. in Croatian culture, whose life philosophy likens to choosing the right gate at an airport, full of possibilities. Even in her native Zagreb, she explores with the wonder of a tourist, her gaze always upward, captivated by the city’s beauty.

Travel is Ivana's greatest joy and pursuit, taking her from the historical streets of Zagreb and the diverse landscapes of Croatia and the Balkans to the vibrant cultures of Asia, including Bali, Indonesia, Thailand and many more. As a private guide, she brings a unique blend of local expertise and global perspective to every tour, enriching travelers' experiences with her knowledge, enthusiasm, and humor.

Recently, Ivana embarked on her most personal journey yet, becoming a mother. Join Ivana on a tour and let her guide you to the right gate, opening up a world of unforgettable experiences.

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Ivana - Private Guide for Croatia and Beyond
Sasa V - Korcula Private Guide


Private Guide

Meet Saša, our Korčula connoisseur, whose roots run deep in the island's rich soil, providing him with an intimate knowledge of its history, culture, and hidden gems. Born and raised on Korčula, Saša's adventurous spirit led him around the globe during his career as a ship engineer, where he not only expanded his horizons but also mastered English, Spanish, and Portuguese. His extensive travels, combined with his extroverted, friendly nature and a relentless passion for learning, have seamlessly transitioned into his role as a guide. Saša is more than just a guide; he's your gateway to experiencing Korčula like a local, with insights and stories that turn a visit into a memorable journey.

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Tea G - Private Dubrovnik guide


Private Guide

Tea, your go-to local expert guide for Dubrovnik. With her childhood rooted in the Old Town through her grandmother's home, Tea's deep connection to Dubrovnik is undeniable. After pursuing university studies in Zagreb and a stint as a French language teacher, her love for Dubrovnik and tourism led her to become a licensed tour guide. With a passion for learning, reading, and traveling, Tea brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to her tours. She enjoys spending quality time with her friends and her boyfriend, Pavo. Also a private French tutor, Tea is ready to share the best of Dubrovnik with you.

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Private Guide

 Introducing Nikola, your quintessential guide to the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Growing up in the breathtaking surroundings of Plitvice, Nikola has developed a profound connection with this natural wonder, making him an exceptional ambassador for its beauty. A familiar face on our visits to the park, he brings the landscape to life with his passion and knowledge. An avid nature lover, Nikola finds joy in exploring new places, cherishing moments with his soon-to-be wife, and spending quality time with his beloved dogs. Join Nikola for an unforgettable journey through the Plitvice Lakes, where his love for the outdoors and expert guidance will enhance your experience of this stunning natural treasure.


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Nikola - Plitvice Lakes private tour guide


Private Guide

Meet Bernarda, a language aficionado turned world explorer and translator who crafted her dream career by combining her passions for travel and reading. After two years as a Spanish teacher, Bernarda sought a path more aligned with her adventurous spirit. Her journey has taken her to over 40 countries, with a particularly memorable moment being her wedding in the Faroe Islands, alongside her husband and their travel-loving dog. A fan of long road trips, Bernarda treasures the unique perspectives gained through travel, believing deeply in the value of a tourist guide's insight. Now, she delights in guiding fellow travelers through the streets of her beloved Zagreb and the scenic landscapes of Croatia, sharing the beauty of her homeland with the world.

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Bernarda - Private guide for Zagreb and Croatia - English and Spanish language


Dive into the experiences of those who've journeyed with us through Croatia & beyond.

About Us: Testimonial

Leo M

I arrived in Zagreb with no idea of tours and trips available. Did a day trip and was a little shocked to find out no multi-day trips available without a customized tour being arranged months earlier. My guide that day knew a bloke etc. A meeting late that night, told him I wanted to see everything in 7 days, he said that was impossible and when did I want to start? I said at 9 am in 2 days' time. He fell over laughing. Then looked at me and said "What a challenge." He texted me an itinerary for the first 4 days with a price for that then a daily price. I said I would be waiting at 9 am and we would work out stops each day when we knew where we were and what was available. 7 days later I had seen the caves in Slovenia, the west of Slovenia, the west coast of Croatia, Bosnia from Mostar down, Montenegro, and a number of off-track villages, castles, churches, restaurants, vineyards, and the caves in Bosnia that could be bigger than those in Slovenia with an injection of capital. Alex's knowledge of everything was amazing. He had been a guide in the area for years so most people knew him. Because of work commitments we rarely could start before 10 am so it wasn't long days. He never got flustered, prepared me for any delays such as the border crossings, traffic in Dubrovnik, bought my souvenirs at local prices, negotiated our hotels stays, and especially took me to the best local restaurants to eat, not the tourist ones. I cannot recommend Alex more highly. The ultimate professional who pulled off the biggest challenge he will face for a long time. Little does he know I will come back to fill in the parts of Eastern Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, and Serbia in the next 2 years. Maybe I will give him 3 days notice this time!! Actually, he will be so busy, I will need to book him up months ahead. I can't wait.

For deeper insights into the Croatia and Beyond' wonders and stories from our unique journeys,

we invite you to delve into our blog. 

From local insights to breathtaking destinations, get inspired for your next Balkan adventure.

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