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How about food and drink?

The Culinary Tapestry of Croatia Croatian food is a delectable fusion of traditions and flavors. Dive deep, and you'll discover a cuisine shaped by its geography. In the heartland, the continental areas echo with the sizzle of meats. From robust stews, succulent sausages, to smoked ham, the dishes are hearty and comforting.

Venture to the coastal regions, and the sea's bounty dominates the palate. Here, freshly caught fish is often grilled to perfection, drizzled with local olive oil and served with a side of blitva (swiss chard with potatoes). Seafood stews, mussels, and oysters from Ston are just a glimpse into the marine culinary landscape. And don’t forget the risottos, colored and flavored with squid ink or dotted with prawns and clams.

Yet, it's essential to differentiate between traditional eateries and those catering mainly to tourists. For a genuine taste, venture off the beaten track or ask locals for recommendations.

Quenching the Croatian Way Clean and crisp, Croatia's tap water is a refreshing gulp, straight from nature. However, bottled water enthusiasts might find it slightly on the pricier side. Just to give you a ballpark, a 1.5L bottle in supermarkets hovers around 6 kn, noticeably more than some neighboring locales.

Wine and Dine Croatia's wine culture is rich and ancient, with terrains from Istria to Dalmatia producing wines that can rival any global variety. Malvazija offers a crisp white experience, while Plavac Mali brings forth deep, berry notes in its red. These wines beautifully complement both meat dishes and seafood, enhancing the Croatian dining experience.

Brewed with Passion While the legacy lagers like Karlovacko and Ozujsko have their charm, Croatia's modern beer narrative is filled with crafty tales. The craft beer movement, led by names like San Servolo, Nova Runda, and Zmajska pivovara, has redefined beer drinking in Croatia, introducing rich, hoppy, and flavorful profiles.

The Fiery Rakija Rakija isn't just a drink; it's an experience in Croatia. From the grape-centered Loza to the aromatic herb-infused travarica, each variant tells a story. The sweetness of medica, the depth of orahovaca, the fruity notes of visnja, the earthy mirta, and the unique rogac—all make rakija a must-try when in Croatia.


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