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Luxury Beyond Expectation: Shanee & Andrew's Unforgettable Croatian Odyssey

Travel, they say, is about the journey, not just the destination.

For Shanee & Andrew, their 19-day luxurious escapade across Croatia was more than just a trip; it was a hand-crafted experience, brimming with unparalleled adventures, heartwarming moments, and culinary delights.

“This was the best trip of our lives!” Shanee exclaimed, a sentiment echoed by Andrew as they reminisced about their journey.

Rovinj - Istria
Rovinj Old Town

Their odyssey began with the gentle hum of an airplane descending into Pula’s cozy airport, the first portal to their Croatian adventure.

Rovinj welcomed them with open arms, and the 5-star Grand Park Hotel became their first haven.

With a room offering a stunning sea view, the allure of Rovinj was evident every morning. The rich history of Pula unraveled before their eyes with a private walking tour, leading them through remnants of a bygone era - the Roman Amphitheater and the Temple of Augustus. As dusk settled, the twinkle of Rovinj's shoreline beckoned them to La Puntalina, where they savored a romantic dinner right beside the Adriatic.

However, what truly set this trip apart were the bespoke experiences. With the Karlic family, they dived deep into the woods, hunting for the elusive truffle. Their reward? A delightful charcuterie of truffle-infused products and hands-on experience making sumptuous gnocchi flavored with the day's truffle finds.

Home made gnocchi with truffles cooking class
Home made gnocchi with truffles cooking class

The charm of Croatia’s countryside was magnified when Ana, the heir to a local Kabola winery, poured them glasses of Croatia's finest wines. Their journey continued to the pristine Plitvice Lakes, Zagreb’s bustling streets, the mystical allure of Sibenik, and the historic quarters of Split, Hvar, and Korcula.

Korcula Old Town - drone shot
Korcula Old Town

Every destination was seamlessly stitched together by private transfers, ensuring comfort, convenience, and an unparalleled travel experience. Some of the highlights? A luxurious yacht charter, introducing them to the crystalline waters of Kornati National Park and the serene beaches of the Paklinski Islands.

Private yacht to Kornati
Kornati snorkelling - Private yacht

As their journey meandered to its finale in Dubrovnik, they were treated to a taste of the Adriatic's freshest oysters, a scenic panorama from Srd hill, and a historic exploration of Dubrovnik's Old Town with a visit to small family palace within the walls. Their base, the esteemed Hotel Villa Dubrovnik, ensured their final nights were bathed in luxury.

Elaphiti islands viewpoint
Elaphiti islands viewpoint

Shanee & Andrew's journey, curated meticulously by our expertise as a local tour operator, represents what luxury travel in Croatia truly stands for. From our experienced local guides who breathe life into every landmark, to the unique, tailor-made experiences, every moment was crafted keeping our guests in mind.

Dreaming of your own Croatian fairy tale? Dive into our multi-day tours section and let us design a luxury tour of Croatia that’s perfect for you. For travelers seeking an authentic, plush, and personal journey, remember, we are your unparalleled luxury travel orchestrator in Croatia.

Villa Dubrovnik - VW Arteon
Villa Dubrovnik


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