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highlights OF CROATIA 7D

Private 7-days long guided tour of Croatia from Zagreb to Dubrovnik

Šibenik's Cathedral of St. James
Dubrovnik: The Pearl of the Adriatic
Admire the architectural marvel of St. James Cathedral in Šibenik, a UNESCO World Heritage site incl
The historic island city of Trogir, visited on our Croatia 7-day itinerary
Inside the historic Diocletian Palace in Split, a highlight of our 7-day Croatia itinerary.
Split's Diocletian Palace Wonders
Plitvice Lakes' Waterfall Wonderland
Beginning the Journey: Historic Zagreb
Walls of Ston, a historical landmark seen on our Croatia private tour.
Exploring the historic charm of Zagreb on the first day of our Croatia 7-day itinerary

Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Croatia on our Highlights of Croatia private tour.

This 7-day exhilarating journey, expertly navigated by super-knowledgeable drivers and guides, invites you to experience the country's most awe-inspiring attractions.

Start your grand exploration in the dynamic capital city of Zagreb, where the allure of the old merges effortlessly with the energy of the new. We then transport you to the enchanting watermill village of Rastoke, often hailed as the Small Lakes of Plitvice.

Next, behold the breathtaking beauty of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its shimmering lakes and cascading waterfalls.

Continue your journey towards the coastal splendor of Šibenik, followed by a sojourn to the UNESCO-listed city of Trogir. Bask in the historical richness of Split, home to the impressive Diocletian's Palace and stunning Adriatic beaches.

Your taste buds are in for a treat as the tour progresses towards the Pelješac peninsula, where you'll indulge in a memorable food and wine experience, savoring the region's finest offerings.

The grand finale of your journey unfolds in the 'Pearl of the Adriatic', Dubrovnik, a city that mesmerizes with its formidable stone walls and rich history.

Join us on this multi-day tour for an unparalleled journey through Croatia's most exceptional highlights.

This trip transcends a traditional vacation; it's an adventure, a cultural immersion, and an experience you'll treasure forever.


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  • Private arrival transfer

  • Overnight Zagreb

  • Private walking tour including a visit to Mirogoj & Panoramic drive through the city

  • Overnight Zagreb

  • Private transfer from Zagreb to Šibenik via Plitvice Lakes & Rastoke

  • Private tour of Plitvice Lakes with a local guide

  • Overnight Šibenik

  • Private transfer from Šibenik to Split via Trogir

  • Private walking tour of Trogir & Split

  • Overnight Split

  • Private transfer from Split to Dubrovnik via Ston & Pelješac

  • Food & wine experience on Pelješac

  • Overnight Dubrovnik

  • Private walking tour of Dubrovnik

  • Private panorama of Dubrovnik with a visit to Srđ hill

  • Overnight Dubrovnik

  • Private departure transfer from Dubrovnik city to Dubrovnik airport/port
















  • DAY 1 - WELCOME TO CROATIAYour tour will start with a meet & greet at Zagreb airport. Our English-speaking driver will welcome You by holding a sign with Your nametag in the arrivals hall. After meeting with our driver enjoy a private transfer from Zagreb airport to Your hotel/accommodation which is about 30 minutes long. The rest of the day You'll have leisure time.

      Overnight in Zagreb

  • DAY 2 - EXPERIENCE ZAGREB: Our local guide will meet You at the lobby of Your hotel at 10:00. You'll start Zagreb sightseeing with a panoramic drive on which the driver will take You through Zagreb's Green horseshoe and New Zagreb's socialism part. During the panoramic drive, You'll drive by sights like the Croatian National Theatre, Arts & Crafts Museum, Lenuci's horseshoe, Zrinjevac, and more. After the panoramic drive, You'll continue sightseeing on about a 2-hour long walking tour. See Kaptol & Gradec, 2 Old Town sections and its sights like Stone Gate, st. Mark's church, Lotrščak tower, WW II tunnel, Tkalča street, Dolac market, Zagreb Cathedral & ban Jelačić square. Tour will end around 14:00 after which You'll have a free afternoon to walk & explore Zagreb by Yourself. Visit some of its restaurants, try local food or explore some of many museums, some of them are really unique like the Museum of Broken relationships or if You like more classic ones, You can visit Arts & Crafts Museum, Zagreb city museum, Archeological, Naive art and many more.

        Overnight in Zagreb

  • DAY 3 - RASTOKE & PLITVICE LAKES NATIONAL PARK: On day 3 You're leaving Zagreb and heading towards the coast of Croatia while visiting Rastoke village and Plitvice Lakes National Park on the way. You'll meet our driver in front of Your hotel at 8:30 and have a private transfer from Zagreb to Šibenik with a stop in Rastoke & Plitvice Lakes. Drive to Rastoke is about 90-minutes long, right there You'll have about 30-minutes of free time for a walk/coffee/photos after which You'll continue to drive to reach Plitvice Lakes. Upon arrival at the park, Your guide will explain what routes are possible depending n Your activity level. Tour of the park will last approximately 3-4 hours and You'll explore on foot and by panoramic boat & park train. After the park tour, You'll meet Your driver who will take You to a local restaurant where You'll have some free time for lunch(at Your own expense). After lunch, You'll head towards the final destination for the day - Šibenik.  The drive from Plitvice to Šibenik is about 2-hour long. Free evening in Šibenik.

      Overnight Šibenik

  • DAY 4 - TROGIR & SPLIT: Meet with Your driver at 10:00 and prepare to head to the next destination. The first stop this day will be the gorgeous city of Trogir -  set within medieval walls on a tiny island. You'll discover its mazelike marble streets with our local guide for Trogir on a 1-hour long private guided walking tour. After Trogir meet with Your driver and head to Split - Croatia's 2nd largest city and home to the Palace of Roman emperor Diocletian. Explore this Unesco World Heritage Site and one of the world’s most impressive Roman monuments with a licensed local expert guide on a 2-hour long walking tour. Later check in to Your hotel and enjoy the rest of the day on leisure to try some of the local restaurants and walk through one of the most popular promenades in Croatia - Splitska Riva.

      Overnight in Split

  • DAY 5 - STON, PELJEŠAC: Pack Your things, enjoy breakfast, and later meet with a driver at 9:30. Enjoy a full-day transfer from Split to Dubrovnik with local food experience in Mali Ston and wine tasting in the small local winery on the Pelješac peninsula. Drive to the first stop- the city of Ston is about 2-hour long. You'll have 1-hour of free time to explore this charming city famous for salt, oysters and the remarkable 5.5km defensive medieval wall. Right after the driver will take You to the small village nearby where You'll have a local food experience(oysters, mussels...). Later, the driver will take You to a local winery on the Pelješac peninsula where You'll have a chance to try some of the Croatian finest wines. After wine tasting, the last part of the drive is ahead of You, You'll reach the final destination for the day - Dubrovnik in the late afternoon hours and rest of the day You'll have leisure time.

      Overnight in Dubrovnik

  • DAY 6 - MEET THE PEARL - DUBROVNIK: Ready to explore this beautiful Adriatic Gem. Start with meeting the driver at 9:00 and head for a panoramic drive, on a 1-hour long panoramic part You'll visit Srđ hill and other viewpoints. At 10.00 driver will drop You off at the entrance to the Old Town of Dubrovnik where You'll meet with a local licensed guide for Dubrovnik and head for a 2-hour long private city tour. Experience what this city has to offer, walk the magnificent Stradun street, admire the beautiful architecture and learn about the super-rich history of this once Republic city. Later, use the free afternoon to walk the stunning ancient walls, visit the Lovrijenac fortress, Dubrovnik Cathedral, Franciscan monastery, the Oldest pharmacy in Croatia and more. Afternoon at leisure.

      Overnight in Dubrovnik

  • DAY 7 - GOOD-BYE CROATIA:  We hope You loved Croatia and that Your journey back home(or to the next destination) will be enriched by beautiful experiences and memories. Depending on Your flight time, the driver will pick You up at the scheduled time and take You on a private transfer from Dubrovnik city to Dubrovnik airport(the ride is approximately 30-minutes long).. Good-bye!






Q and A

Q: What unique experiences does the 'Highlights of Croatia 7D' tour offer?

A: This tour offers an immersive experience into Croatia's rich history, culture, and natural beauty. Highlights include exploring the vibrant capital city of Zagreb, the enchanting watermill village of Rastoke, the breathtaking Plitvice Lakes National Park, the historic coastal cities of Šibenik, Trogir, Split, Ston, and the renowned Dubrovnik, famously known as the 'Pearl of the Adriatic'. Each destination is carefully chosen to provide a comprehensive glimpse into Croatia's most awe-inspiring attractions.

Q: What makes this tour a must-choose for travelers to Croatia?

A: The 'Highlights of Croatia 7D' tour is expertly curated by Limitless Balkan, known for their high-quality experiences and meticulous attention to detail. It's ideal for those seeking an authentic and comprehensive exploration of Croatia's most iconic sights, delivered with exceptional service and local expertise.

Q: What kind of accommodations can we expect?

A: Accommodations are carefully selected to enhance your experience, ranging from boutique hotels in city centers to charming lodgings in scenic locations. All accommodations are 4-star or higher, ensuring comfort and quality throughout your stay. The selection of hotels can be tailored based on your budget and preferences, ensuring a stay that aligns with your expectations and needs.

Q: Why should I choose this tour for my Croatia visit?

A: This tour is curated by Limitless Balkan travel experts, we at Limitless Balkan are a Croatia based agency known for its high-quality experiences and attention to detail. It's perfect for travelers who seek a blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion, all delivered with exceptional service.

Q: Is this a private or group tour?

A: This is an exclusive private tour, designed to provide a personalized and intimate experience of Croatia's most iconic sights and hidden gems. The tour is ideal for individuals, couples, or small groups seeking a more tailored travel experience.

Q: Who will be our guides during the tour?

A: You'll have on-site local expert guides, deeply knowledgeable in Croatian history, culture, and geography. They provide insightful and personalized tours, ensuring an enriching exploration of each destination. They will be provided on the locations as per the itinerary.

Q: What kind of transportation is used for this tour?

A: We provide private transfers in premium vehicles throughout the tour. Each transfer is facilitated by an English-speaking driver who is knowledgeable about Croatia, adding value to your travel experience.

Q: Are meals included in the tour package?

A: The tour includes daily breakfast at your hotel and special food experiences and wine tastings as specified in the itinerary. Each guest also receives 0.5 liters of water daily during private transfers. Our guides will recommend local dining options for other meals (which You can enjoy at Your own expense).

Q: Can the tour itinerary be customized?

A: Absolutely! We specialize in bespoke travel experiences. Whether you're interested in spending more time in a particular city, exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations, or enjoying specific experiences, the tour can be adapted to suit your personal preferences and interests.

Q: Is this tour suitable for families or small groups?

A: Yes, our tour is ideal for families, couples, or small groups looking for a private and personalized travel experience. The flexibility of our itinerary and the comfort of our accommodations make it suitable for any group.


Q: What additional costs should we anticipate?

A: Additional expenses may include personal purchases, meals not included in the itinerary (except for breakfast and specific food experiences), optional activities, and travel insurance.

Q: Will there be free time for individual exploration?

A: Yes, the itinerary includes leisure time for you to explore destinations at your own pace, relax, or immerse yourself in the local atmosphere.

Q: How do we book this tour and what are the payment terms?

A: Booking is simple – contact us through our website or call our customer service. A deposit is required to secure your booking, with the balance due 30 day prior to the tour's start date. Full payment details will be provided during the booking process.

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