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Day-trip to Slovenia, Bled Lake & Ljubljana - Private day-tour from Zagreb

Unveil Slovenia's Jewels: A Scenic Adventure to Lake Bled and the Charming Capital, Ljubljana

Embark on a journey crafted for connoisseurs of beauty and culture with our exclusive "Lake Bled & Ljubljana Delight" private day-trip from Zagreb.

This tailored experience seamlessly blends the ethereal beauty of Lake Bled with the cultural richness of Ljubljana, Slovenia's enchanting capital.

Your journey begins in the comfort of a premium vehicle, where your professional English-speaking driver will whisk you away to the tranquil shores of Lake Bled. Known for its emerald-green waters, traditional "pletna" boats, and the iconic Bled Island with its picturesque church, this glacial lake is a slice of Slovenian paradise. Opt for a serene boat ride to the island, make a wish as you ring the church bell, and don't miss tasting the legendary Bled cream cake, "kremšnita."

Next, find yourself captivated by the allure of Ljubljana, a city where modernity meets tradition. Meander through the lively streets, explore open-air markets, and marvel at architectural wonders like the Dragon Bridge and Ljubljana Castle, perched majestically above the city. Dive deep into local customs, savor authentic Slovenian cuisine, and absorb the artistic spirit that permeates this charming European capital.


Our private day-tour guarantees not just travel, but an immersive experience. With personalized attention, luxury travel comfort, and a treasure trove of memories to be made, we invite you to uncover Slovenia's jewels with us.

Day-Tour to Slovenia Highlights:

1 - Private day-tour

Travel in exclusivity with a premium vehicle at your service.

2 - Lake Bled serenity

Experience the tranquil beauty and traditional charms of Slovenia's lake paradise.

3 - Ljubljana's Vibrancy

Dive into the cultural, architectural, and artistic richness of Slovenia's capital.

4 - Tailored Travel

Enjoy the luxury of a private tour, guided by your preferences for comfort and exploration.

5 - Insightful Journey

Gain valuable insights from your English-speaking driver, enhancing your journey.




Hotel pickup & Drop-Off

English Speaking Guide

Tour duration 9-11 h

Private full-day tour

Private day-trip with a sedan

(suitable for up to 3 travelers)


Private day-trip with a minivan

(suitable for up to 7 travelers)


For a day-trip suitable for more than 7 travelers, please message us for a quote

Book online right now

What is included

Private tour
English speaking driver
Hotel pickup and drop-off

Bottled water (o,5l per person)

Premium vehicle for day-tour

Visit to Ljubljana & Lake Bled

What is extra

Entrance fees
Food & Drinks
Gratuities (Optional)

Slovenia Day-Trip itinerary


Drive from Zagreb to Ljubljana (90min)


Orientational tour of Ljubljana (30min) and free time (90min)


Drive from Ljubljana to Bled Lake (50min), free time to explore Castle & Bled Lake


Drive from Lake Bled to Zagreb (150min)

Discover the wonders of Croatia and beyond with our exclusive Zagreb tours and private day-trips. 

Dive into the stunning Plitvice Lakes, explore the quaint streets of Ljubljana, marvel at Bled Lake's beauty, and venture into the depths of Škocjan Caves.

From the historic wonders of Postojna and Predjama to the picturesque regions of Istria, Trakošćan, and Varaždin, our tailored excursions offer something for every traveler.

Our tours are designed to offer an intimate glimpse into the rich culture, breathtaking landscapes, and fascinating history of Zagreb and its surroundings.

Whether you're keen on exploring nature at Medvednica Nature Park, uncovering the architectural gems of the region, or immersing yourself in the vibrant life of Zagreb through a walking tour, we ensure a memorable and personalized experience. SEE MORE

On our Day-trips and Tours we use premium vehicles 

VW Arteon
Vw Arteon
Vw Arteon
VW Arteon
Private transfer Zagreb to Ljubljana
Mercedes V-class
Mercedes V-class
Mercedes V-class - Hotel Esplanade, Zagreb
Q and A

Q1: How do I get to Lake Bled and Ljubljana from Zagreb?

A1: The most convenient and enriching way to visit Lake Bled and Ljubljana from Zagreb is through a private day trip or transfer with Limitless Balkan. This option offers personalized service, flexibility, and the comfort of not having to navigate public transportation or rental cars, making your journey hassle-free and more enjoyable.

Q2: What is the distance between Zagreb and Ljubljana, and how far is Lake Bled from Zagreb?

A2: Zagreb is approximately 140 kilometers from Ljubljana, making it a 2-hour drive. Lake Bled is around 55 kilometers from Ljubljana, adding about an hour's drive to your trip. The total distance from Zagreb to Lake Bled is roughly 195 kilometers, translating to a 2.5 to 3-hour drive, depending on traffic and road conditions.

Q3: How long is the Private Day-Trip to Lake Bled & Ljubljana?

A3: The tour is designed to last around 9-11 hours, giving you ample time to explore the beauty of Lake Bled and the charm of Ljubljana without feeling rushed. The duration is flexible to accommodate your pace and interests.

Q4: What are the entrance fees for attractions on the Lake Bled & Ljubljana tour?

A4: Entrance fees are optional and depend on which attractions you choose to visit. Approximate costs are around €17.00 per person for Bled Castle, €15-20 per person for a Pletna boat ride on Lake Bled, and €6.00 for a roundtrip funicular ride in Ljubljana. These fees offer access to some of the most iconic sights and experiences in both destinations.

Q5: Is a private day-trip to Lake Bled and Ljubljana worth it?

A5: Absolutely! A private day-trip not only allows you to experience the stunning natural beauty of Lake Bled and the historical and cultural richness of Ljubljana at your own pace but also offers the convenience and expertise of a knowledgeable local guide. This ensures a memorable and deeply personal travel experience.

Q6: Why choose Limitless Balkan for my day-trip from Zagreb to Lake Bled and Ljubljana?

A6: Choosing Limitless Balkan means opting for a seamless, personalized travel experience. Our private tours are designed with your interests in mind, offering expert local insights, flexibility, and the comfort of private transportation. This ensures you get the most out of your visit to Lake Bled and Ljubljana without the typical constraints of group tours or the stress of self-planning.

Q7: Can I customize my Private Day-Trip to Lake Bled & Ljubljana?

A7: Yes, customization is one of the key benefits of booking with Limitless Balkan. Whether you have specific sights you wish to visit or prefer a more leisurely pace, we tailor the itinerary to suit your preferences, ensuring a unique and personalized experience.

Q8: What should I bring on my day-trip to Lake Bled and Ljubljana?

A8: We recommend comfortable walking shoes, as you'll be exploring various terrains. Depending on the season, appropriate clothing for the weather, a camera, and some local currency for personal expenses, entrance fees, and souvenirs. Don't forget your sense of adventure!

Q9: How do I book Private Tour to Slovenia from Zagreb, and what is the cancellation policy?

A9: You can book the tour directly on the Limitless Balkan DMC website. For cancellation policies and any potential fees, please review the terms and conditions listed on our booking platform or contact us directly for more information.

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