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Private guided multi-day tour of Croatia - 10 days from Zagreb to Dubrovnik

Emerald lakes and cascading waterfalls at Plitvice, a natural wonder in Croatia
The ancient ruins of Diocletian's Palace in Split, a cornerstone of Croatia's rich history
Colourful rooftops of Zagreb's Upper Town in the morning, starting point of the best tour of Croatia
Stunning waterfalls at Plitvice Lakes, a must-see on our best tour of Croatia
Dubrovnik's Old Town at sunset, a picturesque finale to a luxury Croatia tour
The fortified town of Korčula, steeped in history and beauty, on a private tour of Croatia
Strolling the Green Horseshoe of Zagreb
"Colorful tiled roof of St. Mark's Church in Zagreb under a clear blue sky."

Immerse yourself in Croatia's quintessential charm with our meticulously designed

"Best of Croatia" private tour package.

This 10-day private tour of Croatia is an immersive exploration into the heart of the country's rich history, diverse culture, and stunning natural landscapes.

Your adventure begins in the vibrant capital of Zagreb, where historical charm intertwines with modern vibrancy. Next, witness the enchanting beauty of Rastoke and the majestic Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

As you venture to the Adriatic coast, discover the architectural marvels of Šibenik, Trogir, and Split. Each city unveils its unique character, from Šibenik's impressive Cathedral of St James to the ancient grandeur of Diocletian’s Palace in Split.

The tour takes a gastronomic turn on the Pelješac peninsula, famous for its exquisite wines and fresh seafood. Explore the quaint town of Ston and the idyllic Korčula Island, offering a blend of natural beauty, history, and culinary experiences.

Conclude your tour in Dubrovnik, the 'Pearl of the Adriatic', encased within its formidable stone walls. A visit to the peaceful Trsteno Arboretum adds a final touch of nature's splendor to your Croatian journey.

Our "Best of Croatia 10D" tour is designed to provide a well-rounded experience of Croatia's multifaceted attractions.


With luxury accommodations, private transfers, and expert local guides, your Croatian exploration promises to be both comfortable and unforgettable.






















  • Private arrival transfer

  • Overnight Zagreb

  • Private walking tour including a visit to Mirogoj & Panoramic drive through the city

  • Overnight Zagreb

  • Private transfer from Zagreb to Šibenik via Plitvice Lakes & Rastoke

  • Private tour of Plitvice Lakes with a local guide

  • Overnight Šibenik

  • Private walking tour of Šibenik

  • Wine tasting in the countryside

  • Overnight Šibenik

  • Private transfer from Šibenik to Split via Trogir

  • Private walking tour of Trogir & Split

  • Overnight Split

  • Private transfer from Split to Korčula via Pelješac

  • Food & wine experience on Pelješac

  • Overnight Korčula

  • Private nature walk experience in the morning

  • Private walking tour of Korčula

  • Overnight Korčula

  • Private transfer from Korčula to Dubrovnik via Dingač & Trsteno arboretum

  • Overnight Dubrovnik

  • Private walking tour of Dubrovnik

  • Private panorama of Dubrovnik with a visit to Srđ hill

  • Overnight Dubrovnik

  • Private departure transfer from Dubrovnik city to Dubrovnik airport/port










Dubrovnik sunset











Dingač - Pelješac





  • DAY 1 - WELCOME TO CROATIAYour private tour begins with a warm greeting from our company representative at Zagreb airport. As a premier local boutique travel agency, we ensure your transfer to the hotel is seamless and comfortable. Spend your first day at leisure in Croatia's vibrant capital. Zagreb, a city that masterfully blends ancient history with urban flair, is an ideal introduction to the Best of Croatia. 

​      Overnight in Zagreb

  • DAY 2 - EXPERIENCE ZAGREB: Embark on a panoramic morning drive with our expert local guide at 10:00 AM. Traverse through Zagreb’s Green Horseshoe, a series of parks and architectural marvels, and the intriguing socialist era areas of New Zagreb. Marvel at the Croatian National Theatre and the charming Zrinjevac Park. The journey continues on foot, wandering through historic Kaptol and Gradec, unveiling landmarks like the Gothic St. Mark's Church and the medieval Lotrščak Tower, World War II tunnel, Zagreb Cathedral and more. The afternoon offers leisure time to explore Zagreb's culinary delights or its unique museums. 

         Overnight in Zagreb

  • DAY 3 - RASTOKE & PLITVICE LAKES NATIONAL PARK: Depart Zagreb for the enchanting village of Rastoke, known for its harmonious blend of natural wonders and traditional watermills. A journey to Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, reveals nature's artistry with its cascading waterfalls and crystal-clear lakes. Your guide will lead you through this paradise, ensuring an immersive experience. Post-tour, enjoy a scenic drive to Šibenik, where the evening is yours to relax.

         Overnight in Šibenik

  • DAY 4 - ŠIBENIK WALKING TOUR & WINE TASTING ON THE COUNTRYSIDE:  Start Your day by meeting with our local guide for Šibenik with whom You'll explore the magnificent medieval heart. Walk the stone labyrinth of steep backstreets and alleys. See sights like the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE: St.James Cathedral and more, learn about the architecture and rich history this city has to offer. After about 2-hours You'll be done with a tour and You'll meet with Your driver who will take You to the countryside where You'll have a wine tasting in the local family-owned winery. Upon return to the city, You'll have leisure time for the rest of the day.

      Overnight in Šibenik

  • DAY 5 - TROGIR & SPLIT: Meet with Your driver at 9:00 and prepare to head to the next destination. The first stop this day will be the gorgeous city of Trogir -  set within medieval walls on a tiny island. You'll discover its mazelike marble streets with our local guide for Trogir on a 1-hour long private guided walking tour. After Trogir meet with Your driver and head to Split - Croatia's 2nd largest city and home to the Palace of Roman emperor Diocletian. Explore this Unesco World Heritage Site and one of the world’s most impressive Roman monuments with a licensed local expert guide on a 2-hour-long walking tour. Later check in to Your hotel and enjoy the rest of the day in leisure to try some of the local restaurants and walk through one of the most popular promenades in Croatia - Splitska Riva.

       Overnight in Split

  • DAY 6 - STON, PELJEŠAC & KORČULA ISLAND: Pack Your things, enjoy breakfast, and right after meet with a driver at 9:00. Enjoy a full-day transfer from Split to Korčula with a local food experience in Mali Ston and wine tasting in the small local winery on the Pelješac peninsula. Drive to the first stop- the city of Ston is about 2-hour long. You'll have 1-hour of free time to explore this charming city famous for salt, oysters, and the remarkable 5.5km defensive medieval wall. Right after the driver will take You to the small village nearby where You'll have a local food experience(oysters, mussels...). Later, when driving through raggy mountains, sweeping valleys of Pelješac peninsula on the way to Korčula island, You'll make a stop in a local winery to try some of the Croatian finest wines. After wine tasting, the last part of the drive is ahead of You, You'll reach the final destination for the day - Korčula in the late afternoon hours. Check in to Your hotel and enjoy a leisure evening. 

      Overnight in Korčula

  • DAY 7 - KORČULA EXPLORATION: Start your day in Korčula with an invigorating nature walk alongside your private guide, immersing yourself in the lush landscapes that make this island so captivating. Explore hidden trails and discover the natural beauty that surrounds this Adriatic gem. After your morning exploration, take a leisurely break to relax and refresh. Savor local flavors at a charming café or simply enjoy the tranquility of your surroundings. In the afternoon, reconvene with your guide for a private walking tour of Korčula's Old Town. Stroll through its cobblestone streets, uncovering the rich history etched into every corner. Marvel at the exquisite architecture and learn about the island’s storied past, which intertwines with legends of Marco Polo and centuries-old maritime traditions. As the day eases into the late afternoon, seize the opportunity for some beach time. Korčula’s pristine beaches offer a perfect escape to unwind and soak in the sun. Alternatively, embark on a mini-adventure using the hop-on-hop-off boat service. Visit nearby islets like Badija or Vrnik in the Korčula archipelago, each offering unique landscapes, historic monasteries, and tranquil beaches – ideal for a serene afternoon.  Return to Korčula for the evening, reflecting on a day rich in natural splendor and cultural insights, a signature experience of your boutique tour of Croatia.

      Overnight in Korčula

  • DAY 8 - PELJEŠAC AND TRSTENO ARBORETUM: Enjoy a morning at leisure before meeting with a driver. At 12:00 You'll meet the driver and head to the final destination of this tour - Dubrovnik. On the way to Dubrovnik driver will take You through the Dingač area of the Pelješac peninsula and You'll make a lunch break in a small place on the Croatian coast called Trstenik. After lunchtime, You'll head towards Dubrovnik with a stop for sightseeing in one of the oldest arboretums in this part of Europe - Trsteno. Enjoy a walk through this gorgeous leafy garden no matter the season. If You're a Game of Thrones fan it will remind you of the show because it was one of the important filming locations for the show. After Trsteno,  You're only 30-minutes driving from Dubrovnik. Upon arrival in Dubrovnik check in to Your hotel and enjoy the rest of the day at leisure.

      Overnight Dubrovnik

  • DAY 9 - MEET THE PEARL - DUBROVNIK: Ready to explore this beautiful Adriatic Gem. Start with meeting the driver at 9:00 and head for a panoramic drive, on a 1-hour long panoramic part You'll visit Srđ hill and other viewpoints. At 10.00 driver will drop You off at the entrance to the Old Town of Dubrovnik where You'll meet with a local licensed guide for Dubrovnik and head for a 2-hour long private city tour. Experience what this city has to offer, walk the magnificent Stradun street, admire the beautiful architecture and learn about the super-rich history of this once Republic city. Later, use the free afternoon to walk the stunning ancient walls, visit the Lovrijenac fortress, Dubrovnik Cathedral, Franciscan monastery, the Oldest pharmacy in Croatia, and more. Afternoon at leisure.

      Overnight in Dubrovnik

  • DAY 10 - GOOD-BYE CROATIA:  As your 'Best of Croatia' tour concludes, savor the final moments in Dubrovnik before your private driver escorts you to the airport. Depart with a collection of unforgettable experiences and memories, having experienced the very best of Croatia.






Recently my parents, friend and I went on a tour of Croatia using this company. It was recommended by a friend. It was a 9-day trip (29th October 2022 till 06th November 2022) starting from Zagreb, Varazdin &Trakoscan tour, Istria, Plitvice lakes, Sibenik, Split, Trogir, Montenegro, and Dubrovnik. The boss, Mr. Aleksandar, provided us with a Mercedes V-Class Avantgarde and a great driver during our tour. The itinerary was great, and not too hectic. The hotels were centrally located and near restaurants and all the happening places. We could easily walk around these places even late at night and it was very safe.
The tour guides provided in every city were very knowledgeable and gave us interesting facts about the places. Thank you for the awesome tour guides Ivana, Mirjana, Frane, Tihomir, and Bojan.
Mr. Kruno, our driver, during the 9 days tour, was a great driver always punctual with a warm smile. My dad admired his patience and careful driving skills.
Mr. Aleksandar kept track of our journey and always enquired about our situations. He even recommended some good traditional food at the restaurant called Peka in Dubrovnik, which we are grateful for, and Mr. Kruno took us there even though it was after his working hours.
The whole tour was awesome, without any hitch, and it was beyond our expectations. Everything was superb and no words can describe the beautiful places that we visited, the fascinating natural scenery of the sea, mountains, historical places, and buildings. We never knew Croatia was such a beautiful country. We highly recommend to all our friends out there to use this company. The services provided are definitely more than 5 stars.

Q and A

Q: What makes the 'Best of Croatia 10D' private tour a unique travel experience?

A: This tour offers an unparalleled exploration of Croatia's diverse landscapes, from historic cities to breathtaking national parks. It combines cultural immersion, natural beauty, and handpicked accommodations. The tour is an ideal choice for those seeking an in-depth and authentic experience of Croatia's heritage, guided by local experts.

Q: What destinations are covered in this 10-day tour?

A: The tour includes Croatia's must-see destinations like Zagreb, Rastoke, Plitvice Lakes, Šibenik, Trogir, Split, Ston, Pelješac Peninsula, Korčula, and Dubrovnik. Each location is carefully selected to offer a blend of historical significance, natural beauty, and cultural richness.

Q: What kind of accommodations can we expect?

A: Accommodations are carefully selected to enhance your experience, ranging from boutique hotels in city centers to charming lodgings in scenic locations. All accommodations are 4-star or higher, ensuring comfort and quality throughout your stay. The selection of hotels can be tailored based on your budget and preferences, ensuring a stay that aligns with your expectations and needs.

Q: Why should I choose this tour for my Croatia visit?

A: This tour is curated by Limitless Balkan travel experts, we at Limitless Balkan are a Croatia based agency known for its high-quality experiences and attention to detail. It's perfect for travelers who seek a blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion, all delivered with exceptional service.

Q: Is this a private or group tour?

A: This is an exclusive private tour, designed to provide a personalized and intimate experience of Croatia's most iconic sights and hidden gems. The tour is ideal for individuals, couples, or small groups seeking a more tailored travel experience.

Q: Who will be our guides during the tour?

A: You'll have on-site local expert guides, deeply knowledgeable in Croatian history, culture, and geography. They provide insightful and personalized tours, ensuring an enriching exploration of each destination. They will be provided on the locations as per the itinerary.

Q: What kind of transportation is used for this tour?

A: We provide private transfers in premium vehicles throughout the tour. Each transfer is facilitated by an English-speaking driver who is knowledgeable about Croatia, adding value to your travel experience.

Q: Are meals included in the tour package?

A: The tour includes daily breakfast at your hotel and special food experiences and wine tastings as specified in the itinerary. Each guest also receives 0.5 liters of water daily during private transfers. Our guides will recommend local dining options for other meals (which You can enjoy at Your own expense).

Q: Can the tour itinerary be customized?

A: Absolutely! We specialize in bespoke travel experiences. If you have specific interests or destinations in Croatia you wish to explore, let us know, and we can tailor the itinerary to your preferences.

Q: Is this tour suitable for families or small groups?

A: Yes, our tour is ideal for families, couples, or small groups looking for a private and personalized travel experience. The flexibility of our itinerary and the comfort of our accommodations make it suitable for any group.


Q: What additional costs should we anticipate?

A: Additional expenses may include personal purchases, meals not included in the itinerary (except for breakfast and specific food experiences), optional activities, and travel insurance.

Q: What is the group size for this private tour?

A: As a private tour, the group size is based on your booking, ranging from individual travelers to small groups. This ensures a personalized and intimate experience tailored to your preferences.

Q: Will there be free time for individual exploration?

A: Yes, the itinerary includes leisure time for you to explore destinations at your own pace, relax, or immerse yourself in the local atmosphere.

Q: How do we book this tour and what are the payment terms?

A: Booking is simple – contact us through our website or call our customer service. A deposit is required to secure your booking, with the balance due 30 day prior to the tour's start date. Full payment details will be provided during the booking process.

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