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Discover the Heart of Croatia - Zagreb
Private Tour

Experience the rich heritage of Croatian Capital - A private guided half-day tour of Zagreb

Unleash your spirit of adventure and embark on an unforgettable journey through Croatia's vibrant capital with our Zagreb private half-day tour. This carefully curated experience assures individualized attention, complete with a flexible schedule that enables you to explore the city's stunning highlights at your own pace.

Our licensed guide will lead you through a thoughtfully planned itinerary, revealing the city's treasures and allowing you to experience the best of Zagreb within a single half-day tour. Embrace the unique opportunity to pose questions, and soak up the wealth of knowledge shared by your personal guide.

Our journey begins with a picturesque drive through the enchanting Green Horseshoe, an architectural marvel from the late 19th century. Marvel at the urban planning prowess of the socialism era as we transport you to Novi Zagreb, where towering concrete structures narrate tales of the past. Pause for quiet reflection at the serene Mirogoj Cemetery, lauded as one of Europe's most beautiful cemeteries, before embarking on a panoramic drive through the scenic neighbourhood of Šestine, cascading down into the city center via the exclusive Pantovčak district.

Transitioning from our scenic drive to a captivating walking tour, your feet will lead you to iconic landmarks such as the towering Zagreb Cathedral, the historic heart of St. Mark's Square, the mystical Stone Gate, the remnants of the WW II tunnel, and the buzzing Ban Jelačić Square.

Experience the seamless blend of scenic drives and insightful walks with our Zagreb half-day tour, ensuring you savor every moment of your time in this fascinating city. With convenient hotel pickup options, your adventure can start whenever you're ready.

Whether you're setting foot in Zagreb for the first time or operating on a tight schedule, our Zagreb private guided tour offers a swift yet thorough exploration of the city in the company of a local guide.

If your curiosity about Zagreb extends beyond, we recommend our 

Zagreb in a day with Medvednica mountain for a full-day experience of Zagreb. 


Contact us for a quote by email/WhatsApp or book online right away.

Zagreb in Half-Day 
Tour Highlights:

1 - Private guide

A private guide for a truly personalized experience

2 - Visit Kaptol, Gradec, Green Horseshoe, Novi Zagreb...

Our expert guide will lead you through a carefully selected itinerary, highlighting Zagreb's rich tapestry of history, culture, and architecture.

3 - Zagreb funicular

Experience the unforgettable ride on the world's shortest funicular

4 - Panoramic ride

See more of Zagreb on a panoramic ride through Green Horseshoe, Novi Zagreb, Mirogoj, Sestine & Pantovcak.

5 - Insightful experience

Insightful commentary on Zagreb's history, culture, and architecture

6 - Personalized attention

Ample opportunities to engage, ask questions, and interact for a genuinely immersive experience.


English Speaking Licensed Guide

Tour duration 4h (approximately)

Zagreb Private Walking Tour and Panoramic Drive

Private tour with a sedan

(suitable for up to 3 travelers)


Private  tour with a minivan

(suitable for up to 7 travelers)


For a day-trip suitable for more than 7 travelers, please message us for a quote

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What is included

Private tour
English speaking licensed guide

Zagreb funicular

World War II Tunnel

Panoramic ride in comfortable vehicle

What is extra

Food & Drinks
Gratuities (Optional)

Zagreb tour itinerary map


Panoramic ride:
Green Horseshoe, Novi Zagreb, Mamutica, Mirogoj, Sestine, Pantovcak


Ban Jelacic square and Zagreb Cathedral


Dolac farmers market


Opatovina Park


Bloody bridge


Tunel Grič - WW II Tunnel


Zagreb Funicular


Lotrščak Tower


Plato Gradec


Saint Catherine Square 


Saint Mark Square and Church of Saint Mark


Old Pharmacy of Zagreb


Statue of Saint George


Radićeva street


Clock on the main square


End of the Tour

Discover the wonders of Croatia and beyond with our exclusive Zagreb tours and private day-trips. 

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From the historic wonders of Postojna and Predjama to the picturesque regions of Istria, Trakošćan, and Varaždin, our tailored excursions offer something for every traveler.

Our tours are designed to offer an intimate glimpse into the rich culture, breathtaking landscapes, and fascinating history of Zagreb and its surroundings.

Whether you're keen on exploring nature at Medvednica Nature Park, uncovering the architectural gems of the region, or immersing yourself in the vibrant life of Zagreb through a walking tour, we ensure a memorable and personalized experience. SEE MORE

Q and A

Q1: What does the Private Half-Day Tour of Zagreb include?

A1: This tour offers a comprehensive exploration of Zagreb, covering its most iconic sights and hidden gems. In four hours, you'll delve into the city's history, culture, and architecture, visiting landmarks like Zagreb Cathedral, St. Mark's Church, and the bustling Ban Jelačić Square, with insights from a knowledgeable local guide.

Q2: How long is the Private Half-Day Tour, and what's the start time?

A2: The tour lasts approximately four hours, providing a deep dive into Zagreb's rich heritage. Start times are flexible to accommodate your schedule, with morning or afternoon slots available. It's best to arrange your preferred start time directly with Limitless Balkan DMC upon booking.

Q3: Is this tour suitable for those with mobility issues?

A3: Yes, we strive to make our tours accessible to everyone. Please inform us about any mobility issues when booking, and we will tailor the tour to accommodate your needs, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Q4: Can the itinerary be customized to fit personal interests?

A4: Absolutely! While the tour includes visits to major landmarks, we're happy to adjust the itinerary to include sites that particularly interest you, whether it's art, history, or local cuisine. Our goal is to make your visit to Zagreb as personal and memorable as possible.

Q5: Who will be guiding the Private Half-Day Tour?

A5: Your tour will be led by an expert local guide passionate about sharing their knowledge of Zagreb. Our guides are carefully selected for their expertise and enthusiasm, ensuring an engaging and insightful experience. SEE OUR TEAM


Q6: Are there any additional costs during the tour?

A6: The tour price includes all guiding services. However, any personal purchases, meals, or entrance fees to specific attractions not covered in the tour description are extra. Your guide will inform you about potential additional costs at the start of the tour.

Q7: What should I bring on the tour?

A7: Comfortable walking shoes are recommended, as the tour involves a moderate amount of walking. Depending on the season, you may also want to bring sunscreen, a hat, or an umbrella. Don't forget your camera to capture Zagreb's stunning sights!

Q8: How do I book the Private Half-Day Tour of Zagreb?

A8: Booking is easy! Visit the Limitless Balkan DMC website to reserve your tour online. If you have any questions or specific requests, you can also contact us directly via email or WhatsApp.

Q9: What is the cancellation policy for the tour?

A9: For details on cancellations and potential fees, please refer to the terms and conditions on our website. We offer flexible cancellation policies to accommodate unforeseen changes in your plans.

Q10: Why choose the Private Half-Day Tour of Zagreb with Limitless Balkan DMC?

A10: Choosing our private half-day tour ensures a personalized and in-depth exploration of Zagreb with the undivided attention of a local guide. Our tours are designed to offer a unique blend of the city's major sights and local secrets, making your visit to Zagreb unforgettable.

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