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The Gems of Istria  -
from Zagreb 

Day-trip to Pula, Rovinj & Motovun from Zagreb - Guided day-trip from Zagreb

Book this tour and embark on an extraordinary journey through Istria's historical grandeur and natural splendor with our bespoke Private Day Trip from Zagreb to Pula, Rovinj & Motovun.

Experience the very best of Istria - Pula, Rovinj, and Motovun - from the comfort of a premium vehicle.


Begin your adventure in the ancient city of Pula, where history is etched into every corner. The majestic 1st-century Roman amphitheater stands tall as the city's architectural masterpiece, inviting you to delve into the fascinating narratives of a bygone era.

Next on our itinerary is the stunning coastal city of Rovinj, revered as one of the most romantic cities on the Istrian coast. Upon arrival, you'll be given the freedom to explore this enchanting city at your own pace. Discover its vibrant palette, wander the cobblestone streets, and soak in the enchanting ambiance of its picturesque seafront. The charm of Rovinj lies in its idyllic streets and squares, which you're free to explore and fall in love with.

The final stop on our Private Tour to Istria is the mesmerizing hilltop city of Motovun. Offering breathtaking views of the serene Mirna River valley from its 277m hill, Motovun is also home to a culinary delight – the unique Istrian truffle. Take this opportunity to sample this local delicacy, a true hidden treasure of the region.

As your day of exploration draws to a close, unwind in the luxury of our premium vehicle during the tranquil 3-hour return journey to Zagreb. Experience the essence of Istria's historical, cultural, and culinary offerings with our Private Day Trip from Zagreb.

Contact us for a quote by email/WhatsApp or book online right away.

Zagreb to Istria 
Day-Tour Highlights:

1 - Private day-tour

Travel in exclusivity with a premium vehicle at your service.

2 - Visit the Best of Istria

Explore Pula, Motovun & Rovinj on this full-day private tour from Zagreb

3 - Pula Guided Tour

Discover Pula with a private guide

4 - Flexible Exploration

Enjoy freedom to explore on Your own

5 - Door-to-Door Convenience

Relish hassle-free round-trip transportation from your Zagreb accommodation to Istria



Hotel pickup & Drop-Off

English Speaking Driver

Tour duration 11-13 h

Private full-day tour

Private day-trip with a sedan

(suitable for up to 3 travelers)


Private day-trip with a minivan

(suitable for up to 7 travelers)


For a day-trip suitable for more than 7 travelers, please message us for a quote

Book online right now

What is included

Private tour
English speaking driver-guide
Hotel pickup and drop-off

Bottled water (o,5l per person)

Premium vehicle for day-tour

Visit to Pula, Rovinj & Motovun

What is extra

Entrance fees
Food & Drinks
Gratuities (Optional)

Istria Day-Trip itinerary


Drive from Zagreb to Pula (180min)


Guided tour of Pula (up to 120min)


Drive from Pula to Rovinj (50min), free time to explore Rovinj (up to 120min)


Drive from Rovinj to Motovun (60min)


Free time to explore Motovun (60min)


Drive from Motovun to Zagreb (180min)


Drop off at Your hotel/accommodation in Zagreb

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From the historic wonders of Postojna and Predjama to the picturesque regions of Istria, Trakošćan, and Varaždin, our tailored excursions offer something for every traveler.

Our tours are designed to offer an intimate glimpse into the rich culture, breathtaking landscapes, and fascinating history of Zagreb and its surroundings.

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On our Day-trips and Tours we use premium vehicles 

VW Arteon
Vw Arteon
Vw Arteon
VW Arteon
Private transfer Zagreb to Ljubljana
Mercedes V-class
Mercedes V-class
Mercedes V-class - Hotel Esplanade, Zagreb
Q and A

Q1: What is the distance from Zagreb to Rovinj, and how do I get there?

A1: The distance from Zagreb to Rovinj is approximately 250 kilometers. The best way to reach Rovinj from Zagreb is via a private day-trip or transfer with Limitless Balkan, offering convenience, comfort, and the chance to enjoy the scenic beauty of Croatia hassle-free.

Q2: How far is Pula from Zagreb, and what's the best mode of travel?

A2: Zagreb is about 265 kilometers away from Pula. A private day-trip or transfer with Limitless Balkan is the ideal mode of travel, providing a personalized and stress-free journey to explore Istria's historic and natural wonders.

Q3: What's the distance between Pula and Rovinj, and how can I travel between them?

A3: Pula and Rovinj are about 40 kilometers apart. Traveling between these picturesque Istrian towns is best experienced with a private tour, allowing you to soak in the landscapes and rich cultural heritage at your own pace.

Q4: What makes a Private Day-Trip to Istria the best way to explore the region from Zagreb?

A4: Opting for a Private Day-Trip with Limitless Balkan ensures not just a journey but an experience. It offers personalized attention, flexibility to explore according to your interests, and insightful commentary on Istria's rich history, culture, and natural beauty, all without the hassle of public transportation or navigating on your own.

Q5: How long does the Private Day-Trip to Istria from Zagreb last?

A5: The private day-trip to Istria, including visits to Rovinj, Pula, and Motovun, typically lasts between 11 to 13 hours. This duration provides ample time to explore these iconic destinations, enjoy local cuisine, and experience the beauty of Istria fully.

Q6: Why choose Limitless Balkan for my day-trip to Istria from Zagreb?

A6: Choosing Limitless Balkan means opting for a seamless and enriching travel experience tailored to your preferences. Our expert guides, comfortable transportation, and thoughtful itinerary ensure you explore Istria's best, from its ancient Roman ruins in Pula to the charming streets of Rovinj and the panoramic views of Motovun, in the most enjoyable and efficient way.

Q7: What are the must-see attractions in Istria during this day-trip?

A7: Istria is home to a wealth of attractions. In Pula, the ancient Roman Amphitheater is a must-see. Rovinj enchants visitors with its cobblestone streets and stunning seaside views. Motovun offers breathtaking landscapes and a glimpse into medieval life. These are just a few highlights of what you'll explore on our tour.

Q8: What should I bring on my Private Day-Trip to Istria?

A8: We recommend comfortable walking shoes, as you'll explore various terrains. Depending on the season, bring appropriate weather gear. Don't forget your camera for the stunning scenery and any personal items you may need throughout the day.

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